Bonus Wordz

Bonus Wordz is the #1 logic word game that will challenge your mind and your ability to find color patterns using words. Your goal is to find words using color patterns to score high points.

Can you beat your friend's high scores?


Bonus Wordz is a challenging word game where you create words using the tiles that are visible on the game board. The game starts with 25 tile stacks that are stacked 5 tiles high. Each game has a total of 125 tiles. Tile management is a key part of the strategy of Bonus Wordz. The catch is that you need to use the color patterns Match, Alternating, Two Plus Two, and Unique to score higher points.

Are you up to the challenge?





Gain a multiplier of 10 points when you match two of the same color. The multiplier will increase by 5 points for each additional letter of the same color.


Gain a multiplier of 20 points when you have 2 colors alternating at least 3 times. Earn an additional 5 points for each letter that repeats the pattern.

Two By Two

Gain a multiplier of 50 points when you use the five colors in sequence. This is the only multiplier that can not be increased.


Ends the game and takes you to the game statistics screen where you can submit your score to the leader boards.


Double Letter

Doubles the value of the letter before any bonuses are applied

Triple Letter

Triples the value of the letter before any bonuses are applied.

Double Word

Doubles the total value of the word after bonuses are applied

Triple Word

Triples the total value of teh word after all bonuses are applied.