Bonus Wordz

Bonus Wordz is the #1 logic word game that will challenge your mind and your ability to find color patterns using words. Find words using color patterns to score high points.

Can you beat your friend's high scores? 

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Wired: The Broken Machine

Wired is a fast paced, single click, action game where you help Lady Farynn try to repair her machine. You must quickly remove the wires as her machine attempts to heal itself. Try to remove as many wires as you can before time runs out. The more wires you clear, the more challenging it gets. Can you get the highest score before the time runs out? Get ready for a great thumb workout while admiring an amazingly detailed cell-shaded Steampunk setting.

Can you help Lady Farynn?

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Prenatal Patient Tracker

Prenatal Patient Tracker was designed with the busy prenatal medical professional in mind to keep track of all their patient's details in one app. With this app you will be able to easily organize and graphically see all the important details pertaining to each of your patients. 

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